Revolutionizing Industries with Deep Learning

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We provide APIs to recognize objects from images to empower Industries using state of the art Deep Learning Algorithms in Computer Vision

Feature Recognition

This API can recognize multiple features in an image e.g. car and their types, traffic signs and their types etc.

Text Recognition

This API can recognize text from the natural scene images. It is useful to read the names from signboards, house numbers etc.

Scene Recognition

This API can recognize the scene whether the scene is football, party, market etc.

Image Segmentation

This API can segment the image in various parts like road, humans, vehicles, buildings, sky etc.

Here's how it works

It's really simple actually

Step 1: Upload images and submit it

Step 2: Processing of Images

Our trained model with Convolutional Neural Network will process the images to detect/ recognize the required objects

Step 3: Voila !!

You will get the output as output class, bounding box, and score

Sounds amazing?


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