Our Services

Data Science & Analytics

Let us help you realise the true potential of your data. Work with our data science and analytics experts to give you real insights to help you predict, recommend and optimize your business variables.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In the age of AI, computers can see, listen and read. Are you leveraging the real power of AI. We can help you take your products/services to the next level with Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning.


AI Software & App Development

Bring the power of Artificial Intelligence to your business with a custom built AI software / app. Let’s build something innovative together!


Data Strategy Consulting & Corporate Training

Data is the new oil. Are you harnessing the power of this new oil? Talk to our experts on how you can best capture your data and use it to propel your business. Help your workforce prepare for the future with our corporate training programs.


Our Product - docment.ai

Use the power of machine learning to capture relevant data from your documents and automate your business!


Upload your documents in neative-PDF, scanned-PDF, or image format (JPEG/JPG/PNG/TIFF/BMP)


Let the system work to identify and capture the fields you are interested in



You can download your documents in a highly structured format such as XML, JSON, and XLSX